Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

It's been several weeks since I last posted about comics read. There's some new material here, but mostly it's ongoing series.

Dream Police #5: still holds my interest. This is one by JMS.

Deep State #1, 2, 3: Something of a cross between Men in Black and Apollo 18 with a hint of X-Files maybe. Pretty good so far.

The Kitchen #1: Hated it. It's a tale about the wives of several Irish-American gangsters who resent it when their husbands get arrested and they don't have the income that they used to have, and so they decide to become gangsters themselves. No. No way am I willing to support a book that uses that as a theme. Nope.

Protectors, Inc. #10: another JMS book; I think it's the last of the series. Natural ending for it, and pretty solidly good.

Dead Boy Detectives #11, 12: I'm finding myself less and less into this title. The ghost boys get into supernatural scrapes.

Letter 44 # 12, 13: I like this one more and more. The situation back on Earth deteriorates due to the incompetence of the President, and the explorers are for the most part captured by the aliens. Can't wait for the next book.

Sidekick #9: another by JMS, the buildup to the confrontation between the former sidekick now evil and the retired hero.

Trees #7, 8: a Warren Ellis title. The lives of those near the trees' sites are affected, and some ended. The first saga ends with book 8, and Ellis is working on the next set already.

Usagi Yojimbo: Senso #5, 6: The story ends here, showing the daisho of our hero passed on in the far distant future.

Supreme: Blue Rose #5, 6: another series by Warren Ellis. It's confusing me pretty severely, but Ellis has done that before in my readings of his works, and so I'll stick with it for now.

The 7th Sword #6: fights. explosions. oh my.

War Stories: Castles in the Sky #3; Children of Israel #1: The former series ends in spectacular fashion; the new series is primarily set in the Yom Kippur War, with flashbacks to WWII and forward. Very good art, pretty good script.

The Sandman: Overture #4: Neil Gaiman's work here; beautiful layouts, mildly confusing, still interesting.

Ten Grand #12: You'd think that defeating the hordes of Hell would be an endpoint, but no...this JMS series will go on. I look forward to seeing where he takes us.

Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues #1: I dipped my toe in. I pulled my toe out. The Journey Continues without me.
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