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February 3rd, 2015

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08:24 am - #16, 17, 18
The days go on, the books go by.

Over the last few days, I read the following:

First, Osprey Weapon #24: German Automatic Rifles: Gew 41, Gew43, FG 42 and StG 44, a fairly technical book about Nazi German automatic weapons. Not bad.

Next was Osprey Warrior #74: Gebirgsjager: German Mountain Trooper 1939 – 45. There's material here about their history; use in the war; their equipment and unit structure. Lots of detail.

Finally, I purchased a download of Hellbender by Laurie R. King, which is a bit SFish, a bit noir, a bit detective fiction, and a bit out of the X-files. It's a quick fun read and worth a look.

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