Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Most of the weekend so far has been devoted to rest and recuperation. I got home from work after 8PM Friday, and since forestcats had gone to help the show, I put on a Netflix film that I was pretty sure she wouldn't be interested in, Fury. It's a WWII epic about American tankers; armed with poorer quality tanks than the Germans had, just lots more of them, US armored formations took nasty casualties. So, the film was fairly accurate in tactics, which was nice to see, but unfortunately it was soulless. As much as it played to the standard WWII characterizations, it never really connected. Oh, well.

We did a bit of gardening yesterday; today there's a Dungeonmaster show, pre-season special event. We have a small amount of prep at home, and then it's off to the venue.

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