Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

#36, 37, 38

Although I was taken aback by the death of one of my favorite authors this week, and thus was derailed from posting a few things, I didn't stop reading. In fact, I found solace in some books, even if they weren't written by PTerry.

Anyway, I finished several books in the last few days.

First was Little People by Tom Holt. This author is another British fellow writing humorous fantasy. I find his work somewhat hit and miss. Some books I enjoy very much. Others are a chore to read. This one was the latter. Its protagonist starts in boyhood having run across an elf in his garden, and it all builds from there. Disappointing.

Next was The Churn, a novella from The Expanse series of stories by James S. A. Corey, a nom de plume for two authors working together. It's backstory for one of the characters in later novels, I gather, and sets the scene on Earth, giving an idea why humanity is shifting off-planet. Very good piece. I can't wait to start reading the second novel, now.

Finally, Osprey Raid #39: Takur Ghar: The SEALs and Rangers on Roberts Ridge, Afghanistan 2002. Something about this book rubbed me the wrong way. It's too detailed. There were places in the narrative where they were detailing individual wounds that the special forces troopers were taking. Really? Not one of the best Osprey books I've ever read.

So now I continue in the post-Pratchett period, and wonder if anyone will take up the challenge of writing Discworld novels. I mean, folks still write Sherlock Holmes material, and Oz books, so why not?
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