Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Good grief we got a lot done yesterday.

See, my beloved managed to get her hands on a stainless steel sink with all the hardware for a very small price. She's had the desire to put in a sink in the backyard to supplement her gardening activities, and she saw an opportunity.

We have a lot of scrap wood from several backyard demolition projects...not enough for the sinkstand that my wife visualized, but enough to help frame it out, and to give the finished product a bit of character.

So earlier in the week as the sunset darkened our backyard, we started building the general framework; yesterday we got nearly all the rest of the building done. I need to do some staining today, and sometime next month one of our friends will help finish the plumbing hookups, and a towelrack and a bottle opener are being shipped and will have to be installed, but for the most part it's done.


Photos can be found on her FB account, for those curious.

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