Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

A short day at work, followed by a quick nap, and then off to my Mom's place for the second Seder of Passover, yesterday.

Being eldest male of the direct family line, Mom wanted me to run the service. Having done this sort of thing so much for our Havurah, I felt reasonably comfortable doing so. However, being that it was Saturday night, we had to have the post-Saturday service, Havdallah, and I've never run that service. Last time I can recall being at one was the week following my Father's death, and the details of it leached out of my brain completely, rather like nearly the whole week. So, I asked my sister Laurel to lead, and she sang with a wonderful voice the whole service. Very nicely done!

I shared the limelight with essentially everyone at the table; I even managed to hide the Afikomen for the youngest at table to find, though my sister chided me since there was nobody at the service that were pre-thirteen years old. OTOH, my nieces seemed after being pressed to have enjoyed themselves hunting, so that was fine.

We ate, we sang, we prayed; afterwards several of us stayed to help my Mom clean up. All-in-all, a good night.

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