Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Several books were all nearly done, yesterday, so here and there I finished the lot.

It's not entirely fair to say that two of them were "books"; I purchased for download from Amazon and Barnes & Noble a couple of short stories by Laurie King.

So, first was King's short piece, Mrs Hudson's Case, in which King's protagonist discovers that Sherlock Holmes' housekeeper, Mrs Hudson is involved with one of his cases. Any more information and I would be spoiler heavy, so no...

Next was also a Laurie King piece, which was a bit more unusual, Mila's Tale; it's a bittersweet story set in a war-torn portion of the Middle East. What makes it particularly unusual is that King then uses it to act as a Midrash, with Talmudic explanations and comparisons to Biblical quotes.

Then, Cibola Burn, the fourth of The Expanse novels, and this was as good or better than all three of the previous novels or the short stories that support them. Again, I'm concerned about spoilers, but I've really enjoyed this series of books, and another book in the saga is due out this summer or so.

Finally, Osprey Vanguard #34: The M113 Series, a short book about a mainstay vehicle from the Vietnam War era well into the time of Desert Storm. Not as interesting as I would have liked, but maybe the vehicle is boring?

On to other reading...
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