Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

One of our three big days here at Rancho Paley has come and gone, the Carnivore's Feast, a day of culinary delights primarily proteinaceous, though supported by our friends' creative side dishes and potables.

This was the thirteenth time we've had the event, and you'd think we'd have seen it all. Nope. This was the first time we had rain. Thirteen years ago, I promised my wife that if it rained, I'd stand out there and cook. It never yesterday, that's just what I did.

There's a video on FB where I was taped, wringing out the sleeve of my (fourth) shirt that was completely soaked.

The food was good, or so I'm told, and the company fine and friendly.

So, soon we'll be off to Dungeonmaster!

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