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May 5th, 2015

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07:41 am
I ran out of time yesterday or I would have posted this. I continue to read at a fair clip. Since my last reading post, I've finished three books.

First was perhaps more a short story than a book; I purchased it from Barnes & Noble and downloaded it to my Nook, and it's a tale by Harry Turtledove called Shtetl Days. The Nazis won their wars, and wiped out the Jews (along with the Gypsies and others), but they opened a tourist spot in which reinactors play the part of Jews living in a small Polish town, with pogroms and everything. The story is from the viewpoint of a man playing the tinker, and has something of a surprising ending...

Next was Osprey Men-At-Arms #64: Napoleon's Cuirassiers and Carabiniers, an older Osprey. The plates aren't nearly as interesting as later books had, though the text is pretty good.

Finally, Osprey New Vanguard #185: LAV-25: The Marine Corps' Light Armored Vehicle. Not particularly interesting, I'm afraid...neither the vehicle itself or the text. Maybe I'm too tank-centric. Or ship-centric.

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I ran out of time yesterday or I would have posted this. I continue… - This ain't no party, this ain't no disco... — LiveJournal

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