Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Whirlwind trip:

I had asked for Friday off, and it had been arranged, but then we changed ... owners? ... and I had to round at the hospitals in the morning. I covered the beeper until 7 the next morning, too.

So a bit after noon we headed to Cambria for a cousin's Bat Mitzvah. en route my beloved found a really delicious sandwich shop in Sylmar where we had a bite and then kept going.

We took Interstate 5 to California State Route 46, the one upon which James Dean died in a car wreck. With a zig and a zag, this leads to Cambria...we drove on a bit farther to the motel where we'd arranged a room in southern San Simeon (of Hearst Castle fame). Unloaded, we then drove back to meet my mother and sister.

After hanging a little while with several cousins, the four of us went into Cambria for a meal, and accidentally ran into my other sister, my BIL, and my nieces; apparently they'd missed the turn into their hotel, and ended up seeing Mom and stopping to find us. Very amusing; so we all went to dinner together, thereby feteing my mother for Mother's Day a bit early. To top it off, the Bat Mitzvah girl and a number of her relations on her father's side were also dining at the same place, so it turned into a meet & greet free-for-all.

Back at the motel, I promptly fell asleep for something on the order of 9 1/2 hours, much more than I usually get at home. We did our ablutions, checked out, and went to the services.

I was surprised when the Bat Mitzvah girl chanted a Torah portion of her own choosing, rather than the one associated with the Jewish calendar date, but she gave a heart-felt speech interpreting her portion which was a pleasure to hear. Following that, appetizers, and then a luncheon. We had to head home to relieve our housesitter, so we left before the Zoomba instructor started the dancing.

Once home and unpacked, we went out to see The Avengers: Age of Ultron which was fun. Good piece of work.

Dungeonmaster tonight!

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