Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Sum up yesterday? Somehow it all worked out.

We got up not knowing where the show was going to be at, Sunday morning. We knew it was going to be somewhere in Griffith Park, but honestly it's a very big place and though we'd discussed a spot ("by the Old Zoo"), that turned out not to be available. Thank the stars for cellular technology and smart phones or this would never have worked out.

Our cast and crew were scattered throughout the park as if fired by a shotgun, but once a spot had been determined we were able to gather and unload the various vehicles. A curtain was set up between two trees, and then we dug into sandwiches and so on. Once fed, rehearsal started. Then the audience and players started to gather, after forestcats posted multiple messages with directions on Facebook.

We had a really nice turnout, including some folks who'd never seen the show before. We were in the shade, it was a beautiful day, warm with a mild breeze, and folks had a lot of fun.

Two of the players were inducted into the Heralds of Chaos to the delight of the audience.

We passed the hat for expenses, and had a gratifying response.

Takedown was very rapid, and we were home fairly early.

Quite the day; quite the show.

We might just have to do this again, but planned rather than forced. Who knows?

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