Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I posted something cryptic and exciting last night/this morning when I went to bed, and I've promised to go into some depth about it, so I'm off and typing:

On my way home from work yesterday afternoon, I was travelling westbound on 4th Street, north of Ontario Airport, west of Archibald. The area was coned off due to construction, and there was only one lane available in each direction. As I was driving, I realized that in the distance, approximately three blocks ahead of me, there were at least five police vehicles heading eastbound with their lights flashing. I pulled all the way over to the right, to suddenly realize that a white van, driving erratically, had swung into my lane half a block ahead of me, trying to get around a white pickup truck. Seeing me ahead of him, he apparently panicked, and swung back into the eastbound lane, sideswiping the pickup; he then bounced off and was thrown over the curb, breaking axles. The tires exploded off, one of which rolled all the way over to where I was stopped. Rapidly, the police arrived, and the driver of the van didn't move. Unconscious? Dead? Terrified? I don't know. I realized that it could be hours before I would be able to head westbound again, so I did a turnabout and headed east to go home a different way.

So there was that. I was pretty shaken up, to be honest.

Next, parrots. I've posted before about seeing parrots flying in the neighborhood around here, often in flocks of hundreds. Recently, forestcats mentioned that they were flying over our house again, and at least once I saw a smaller flock flying in the distance from our backyard. When I got home last night, a handful of parrots burst out from one of our trees in the front yard. Kind of a nice feeling, seeing them roost there.

My beloved is moderately under the weather, and when we feel icky, we typically go looking for Tom Kha Kai, the Thai chicken soup with coconut milk, and so that's what we did for dinner. Yum. Hopefully that will be beneficial.

In the evening, I put on disc one season one of Justified, and we watched the first three episodes, liking them pretty well, and as we were closing up to go to bed, we suddenly realized that our 15-year-old refrigerator had given up the ghost, apparently while we were watching TV. We immediately moved the contents of the freezer into the deep freeze in the breezeway, so no losses there, and pulled in a cooler to pack up the saveable items from the frig part. Cheeses and so forth that my beloved has made went back into the cheese frig. She's already ordered a new appliance, to be delivered on Friday, so we have to keep the cooler cold until then.

Can we limit the stress now?

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