Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

It was a busy weekend.

Saturday we put up some more bread and butter pickles; different recipe this time. Then it was off to see axelicious and timmy_ritz at the former's place for a mass birthday party. Being that the apartment boasts a tiki bar, and we'd made a special effort to procure some tiki items for it, I thought that enhanced the festive atmosphere. I imbibed more than I usually do, and the return home was a bit problematic.

Sunday we produced a rather good tuna salad, and brought it to my uncle's for Father's Day, their anniversary, and the first opportunity to see him after a long hospitalization. We had a nice time; they live in a beautiful condo in Seal Beach, and there was just enough breeze off the ocean to make it all nice.

Home, later, I put on the documentary Stripped about the industry of comic strips, both old-style, i.e. newsprint, and new, i.e. Internet. Fascinating. Because of it, I've started on reading from the beginning several strips that I've seen pop up on and off.

Father's Day, of course, leads to rumination about my Dad's demise. Can't be helped; it's a day of remembrance no matter what you do. I miss him. Not a lot more can be said on that topic. I hope everybody whose father is still alive took a moment to hug him, or if he lives too far away, call him. Life is too brief. It just is.

And so to work...

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