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July 5th, 2015

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01:07 pm
Yesterday was a day of various curiousities.

In the late afternoon we made our way to Bradd's place near The Vortex, the venue where we put on Dungeonmaster to meet up before going to the Los Angeles Convention Center for the DM show at AnimExpo (or however they spelled it). Just as we were preparing to be picked up by Uber to make our way to the show, somebody half a block down blew up a pretty impressive firecracker, just as a car drove past. Apparently it frightened the driver, who stopped and cursed out the perpetrators. Only a few moments later, I experienced first-hand a drone investigation; it suddenly appeared, steadily hovering over the spot that the explosion occured. Rapidly after that, a newsvan from Channel 5 pulled up, too, probably responding to the LAPD checking out a possibly terrorist plot. When nothing else happened, the drone flew off to the east, while the van headed towards the same place we were going...the Convention Center.

Uber did us proud, though I found myself hard-pressed fitting into the front seat of the Ford Escort.

The anime event was very crowded. Many people were in costumes, and many of the costumes were excellent.

The Dungeonmaster show was packed tight; there were NO empty seats at all. The members of the audience were very appreciative of the presentation that they were given; the cast and players had fun, and we handed out loads of flyers. We can only hope that some of the folks make it to our autumn season.

On the trip home, there were fireworks on both sides of the freeway practically all the way to the house. Our pups were a mite skittish when we walked in, and were delighted at our return. And so we collapsed in bed...

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