Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

So, birthday activities:

Laze about the house in the morning.

Drove to the north end of the San Fernando Valley; stop at Dad's cemetery to place a rock from our yard on his gravestone. It's a Jewish thing.

Wander the Valley for a while.

Stop at my Mom's just to look in, in time to yell at her for not wearing her boot for her foot fracture. Then we spent time trying to instruct her on how to work her Macintosh computer.

Late lunch at the Studio City Umami Burger. Just beforehand I got phone calls from my youngest sister who helped us figure out where to park, and then from axelicious and Noodle, both exhausted from a LARP weekend, who wished me a happy birthday. Our lunch was filling and delicious!

Getting caught in a Sig Alert; a wreck about a quarter mile ahead of us with emergency vehicles blocking the whole freeway. Tied us up for about ten or twenty minutes.

Tried to watch two Netflix discs, both of which I dumped as unwatchable (Jupiter Ascending and Kickass 2). Then I streamed Harlock: Space Pirate which was beautifully rendered, even if it had enormous plot holes, and then When Jews Were Funny which pulled on my heartstrings, especially at the end, when an old Jewish comic sings in Yiddish a song about never seeing again the same town that my father's father came from. I was in tears afterwards. All-in-all, a cool documentary.

Was it a good birthday? I don't know. But it's what I needed just now...
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