Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I got home moderately late from work, and divested myself of my dress shirt before hitting up Netflix streaming to work my way through Marvel's Daredevil. My wife was milking the cow, and since she's not into the show, I usually play it while she's away.

A panicked call on the cell later, and I grabbed a jacket and jumped into my car. She texted me the address of the farm, which I've never driven to without her before, and I'm off to the rescue. Why? She was so panicked that I couldn't make out what was wrong, I just headed out.

Two-thirds of the way there, and she called me back. Seems that the farmer finally arrived and the two of them corraled the bulls who had gotten loose before they broke out into the neighborhood. Whew!

So for me it was turn around and head back.

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