Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Busy weekend.

Saturday morning, I had to work, but my beloved taught a class at our house to several of our friends on how to can food. She made a batch of chili which she put up for future eating, and she made a fresh batch of salsa for similar use. When I got home, most of the students were still there, and they clearly had a good time with it.

After a bit of a rest for both of us, we then went to Kira's birthday party. We had a very nice time; lots of good conversation supplemented by games, drinks and food. It was a very bright spot for the weekend.

Sunday we drove over by Griffith Park to the unveiling of a gravestone on Kathy's Mom's spot. The cemetary plot is situated in a very pretty, well-maintained place in the funeral park. We recited a few blessings and then returned to Claremont for a meal. They ran a series of photos from their recent trip to Alaska on the TV...beautiful landscapes.

After a spot of rest, forestcats and I got dinner at Pieology; I liked the flavor, but was unimpressed by the crust. I've also heard a well-substantiated rumor that La Verne is about to have a Nancy's Pizza open there, with the Chicago stuffed pizza showcased. It may even be open already...yum!

On to the week!
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