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I guess I've been avoiding posting about this for much too long; maybe five months? I don't talk much about the comic books I follow, mostly because I don't get much response to them. I suspect that most of the titles are pretty obscure, and they certainly aren't your Superman, Batman or Spiderman. But I guess that the time has come to catch up.


Let's start with Battlestar Galactica: Six #3, 4: For those of you who've forgotten, or who've never seen the more recent TV series, Six is one of a number of Cylon humanoid robots sent to infiltrate the Colonies and sabotage their defenses. This series of comics deal with her entry into human society...or at least that's what it appears to deal with. I'm sticking with the books, though they only show up intermittently.

Next, Letter 44: #15, 16, 17, 18, 19: This series deals with an SF theme. What would the world do if faced with aliens building some sort of artifact out beyond Mars? The US became aware of this, and sent a secret mission to assess and possibly destroy this; that part of the mission has thus far failed. Revelation of what's been going on has led to widespread warfare on Earth. The latest issues have been dealing with a more imminent threat to Earth of an asteroid expecting to impact on the planet soon. I really liked the books in the first dozen or so, but I think that they may have lost their way. I'll still read them for now, but if they don't improve, I may drop the series.

Then, Shaper #2, 3, 4, 5: Finishes the series. It dealt with an SF empire, whose leader was out to destroy the Shapers, malleable creatures who could take any form. The first book was not bad in setting things up, but it got pretty boring by the end. Still, I read it all the way through, so take that as a sour grapes response...

Next, Sidekick #10, 11: The first of the JMS comics, it deals with a young superhero who had to cope with abandonment issues when the power of the pair fakes his death. Superpowers or not, this series is character-driven, and I like it.

Then, Citizen of the Galaxy: Act III: Finishes the comic adaptation of the novel; doesn't do the book justice, I'm afraid.

Next, The Empty #3, 4, 5: Their world is slowly being poisoned by structures that they don't understand, and so the characters go on a quest to find the source of the problem. Adventures ensue. I like the artwork especially.

Then, Invisible Republic #2, 3, 4, 5: A colony planet. The comic bounces back and forth between two times, the past in which apparently a revolution takes place, and the present, in which a journalist finds primary source material to clarify the past. Pretty interesting, and good artwork.

Next, War Stories #8,9, 10, 11 The Last German Winter #2, 3 of 3 Our Wild Geese Go #1. 2 of 3: The German books finished the story of a German tank crew escorting a civilian family during the final days of the Third Reich, and the story of how the civilians learned about the atrocities committed by their side in the East. The Geese books deal with Irish volunteers fighting for the Allies in WWII, and how their own fights in Ireland follow them to the Front. Both pretty good.

Then, Munchkin #4, 5, 6, 7: To be honest, the whole point of these comics is to sell cards for the Munchkin game. The art is OK, the stories are silly and intended to be funny.

Next, Pisces #1, 2: A Vietnam War fighter pilot trains for the astronaut corps in preparation for a secret mission. Interesting; I want to see more.

Then, Roche Limit: Clandestiny #1, 2, 3: SF, ship crashes on investigative mission, and weirdness and death stalk it. I thought it looked interesting in the initial book but it got worse, from my point-of-view, and I dumped the series.

Next, Saga #28, 29, 30: This series started weird and stays weird, and I'm still liking it very much. A magic world and a technological world fight and the whole galaxy lines up on either side; a soldier from one side falls in love with a soldier from the other side and threatens the balance of power of the galaxy. Wow.

Then, Deep State #6, 7, 8: Initially, I thought that these books were a cross between Men in Black and The X Files, but it's become even weirder. I have to see where this goes.

Next, Blackcross #3, 4, 5: People in the town of Blackcross start getting powers for no reason that they understand...and then they find out why, just before a powered individual comes for them.

Then, Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files: Down Town #4, 5, 6 of 6: That finished the series. I love the Dresden Files books; the TV series was OK, though short-lived. These comics are fair at doing the whole saga justice.

Next, Copperhead #7, 8, 9: Adventures of a sheriff on the outer margin of an SF world in the aftermath of a war. Very good.

Then, Injection #1, 2, 3, 4: A Warren Ellis title. It's set in England. There's magic. I can't describe it. I have no idea where it's going or what the heck it's about. Brilliant!

Next, Lantern City #1: I didn't like it. One and done.

Then, Mythic #1, 2, 3: An organization deals with issues brought on by manifestations of the old gods and other magical beings. Wild.

Next, Trees #9, 10, 11: Another Warren Ellis book, structures land on Earth at various points, huge and tall, called Trees. After a period of time, something happens and changes everything. What does the world do in response?

Then, The Sandman: Overture #5: Have you read Neil Gaiman's Sandman series of comics from a bunch of years ago? Well, you should. And this is a further bit in the same universe. Gorgeous artwork. The books are coming out only rarely, but I can't wait for the next one.

Next, Providence #1, 2, 3: Did I mention "Lovecraftian" today on some post? Yes, I did. But whereas Stross' writings are in the present, this comic series is set in the same period when Lovecraft was actually writing. Excellent art, very eerie. Perfect, if you like the Cthulhu mythos.

Then, Tales of Honor #1: More works in the Honorverse, the universe of David Weber's heroine. Good art, good tales, I'm enjoying it all, but I've liked Honor Harrington since I first read On Basilisk Station years ago. Military SF.

Next, Astronauts in Trouble #1: Another one I didn't like. I know this one is still running.

Then, Resident Alien: Rhe Sam Hain Mystery #1, 2, 3 of 3: Apparently, I've missed other books about this character, but I read this whole saga. I gather that we have an alien, crashed and trapped on Earth, who isn't noticed by the humans as being from elsewhere (I have no idea why) who lives out his life as a doctor in a small town. Apparently he gets faced with mysteries, which he then solves. Amusing. I might go looking for previous works...then again, I might not.

Next, Nonplayer #1, 2: The world of the future sucks, for the most part, and the protagonist has a miserable job, but when she logs onto a huge online game, she's elite. Then, in game, something happens...

Then, We Stand On Guard #1: In the future, the US invades Canada. Canada fights back. Anybody laughing? Let's recall that every time the United States has invaded Canada they kicked us out in no uncertain terms. I'm willing to read this one for a while more.

Next, EGOs #8: Something of an SF superhero team looks to be about to get messed up badly.

Then, Blacklist #1: I like the TV show. I don't like the comic book. It's not the same without the acting of James Spader, and the comic just doesn't get that across.

Next, The Spire #1, 2: The world is poisoned; the genetically manipulated can survive there, but those who weren't hide out in The Spire. There is prejudice. There's a change amongst the royalty. Interesting.

Finally, Dream Police #7: Another JMS comic, the protagonist detective, living in the dreamworld, is about to find out something about himself that he doesn't know. Fascinating, and good artwork.


Very few superheroes, lots of SF. Some of this stuff is on the cutting edge of creativity, some is pretty mundane. What I like, I like. What I don't, I dump. What can I say?

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