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September 17th, 2015

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09:32 pm
Between the summer replacements and the new series, I've been putting on a variety of movies, some of which as so bad that I shut them off after only a few minutes.

One was A Most Wanted Man. Disappointing. Not worth it. The build-up and story was pretty good, but the ending sucked.

Next was a real change of pace for me; Blue Man Group: The Complex Rock Tour Live. I don't normally watch concert videos, or even rock videos, but I've seen Blue Man Group in Las Vegas, and I enjoyed them. I also enjoy groups that are heavily percussion (think Adam and the Ants, for example. Or Kodo.) and between the three blue men and the four or five percussionists in the backup group, this is very heavily percussion. Anyway, I enjoyed it very much.

Then, Battle for Haditha about the events surrounding the massacre of civilians in Iraq by Marines. A tragedy on both sides. The movie? Not all that good, but I gather it covers the actual history of the event fairly well. Heavily political? Is it a surprise? No...

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