Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Bits and pieces from the weekend:

I watched a documentary via Netflix streaming called I Dream of Wires about the history of electronic music, from the olden days of highly complicated synthesizers to today's modular structures. Fascinating.

Had to work a bit; I'm the only doctor in this whole group who has the rights to go work at one particular hospital, and so even though I was "off", I admitted a patient Sunday, and since I was working anyway, did some nursing home rounds.

I've had a story idea knocking about my head for a while; yesterday I sat down and started writing. Then it all stopped cold as I dug into some research. I'm fairly well-impressed with Google Translate, thereby.

I took an exhausted wife out to dinner the last two nights. She's been helping to run a quilting event through the weekend, and came home wiped out.

I discovered Netflix has taken to announcing when it's going to drop videos off the streaming list...I found this out just too late for three files, doggone it. With the knowledge, I dug into several others, but generally didn't care for them (which is why they'd been sitting for months on the list...), and stopped a few minutes in.

...and so the work week began yesterday...

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