Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

We've returned home from my medical education course in Orlando, Florida; it's nice to get back.

For once, we didn't rent a car. We walked a lot, used Uber and taxis some, and bus transport as well. The walking part was pretty cool, as the street the convention center was on, International Drive, is set up as a real parkway, and it was well-shaded, and there was lots of wildlife to observe.

Over the last few years, the classes at this annual conference have been more interesting and more diverse, and I've learned much more than in the past. However, the exhibit hall has become a wasteland as far as information about new medications and other treatments. Once you get past all the schools, various medical organizations looking for physicians, and sales of software packages, there might have been a half dozen drug company displays. Their moneys seem to be going to direct advertising to patients on TV, and to targeted use of the pharmaceutical representatives. Family docs like me get nearly nothing as far as education. Disturbing.

I was also sad because few of our good friends from around the country who we have often seen at this course actually came. There's lots of reasons, including some getting their education close to home, while others have had life changes that limit their travel options. Still, we missed them.

We did take one day to go to Epcot; as has happened before, it was their International Food and Wine Festival. We saw a few Disney characters (Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Chip, Goofy, Belle, etc.), rode a few rides, ate at a number of the kiosks that they set up for the festival, and generally had a good day.

Yesterday was a travel day, but we had a couple of hours to burn, so we stopped to see Chocolate Kingdom, which for a small fee takes you on an educational journey into the world of chocolate. Along the way we tasted a prepared cacao bean, drank chocolatl, and tasted the differences between dark, milk and white chocolate. Amusing. It would be a perfect idea for a scout troop, or a kids birthday party.

On our flight back, we had a stopover in Las Vegas, and my beloved let our friend Cliff know that we'd be passing through. He works for TSA there, and so he was able to meet up with us and visit while we waited for our final flight.

Today's going to be a day of rest and recuperation, and I'll be back at work tomorrow.
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