Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Friday night, in preparation for the upcoming holiday my beloved and I carved pumpkins. I'm not all that good with artistry so I asked her to sketch out the carving for me on my gourd, which she was kind enough to do for me. I made a suggestion or two which she modified, and then I began to wield the knife. I'm reminded why I'm not a surgeon. However, we got our respective Jack O'Lanterns finished and took them out to the front stoop. forestcats found a couple of candles, which just so happened to be pumpkin spice of all things, and we lit them up as a test. Both looked terrific.

On the evening of Halloween, I set up a station at the front door while my wife returned from listening to a recital by the Library Bards, and I passed candy to the first dozen kids or so. Once she returned, she took that over, including sharing wine coolers with the mothers who were shepherding the little monsters, and beers for the fathers. This was very much appreciated...especially by a set of grandparents. The lit pumpkins actually got a compliment or two, which was very nice. As is our wont, we shut off the lights at 2100hrs, more or less, but we were shocked when someone rang the doorbell at 2230! Two teens and two small kids. I have to wonder if the teens were "babysitting" and failed to get them on the path to candy riches on time? In any case, I scared up a bit more candy for them and sent them on their way.

There's a Dungeonmaster show today at noon at Stan Lee's Comikaze show at the Los Angeles Convention Center, so if you're there, drop in. I can't make it (work), but forestcats will!

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