Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I got my car smogged yesterday; what with it being over ten years old, that was a worry, but it passed.

Earlier this week, I had put a Netflix return mailer into the mailbox; next morning, it had been stolen. Then, last night our horses and donkey were loose in the trails behind the house; someone had unlocked the gate and let them loose. We found out when the local police got them back into our corral, and now we're going to have to change locks. Nobody was hurt, thank goodness. Not long ago, someone broke into our unlocked barn and stole a fifty pound bag of feed, leaving the feed stall open to invasion by our equines. Makes you want to invest in firearms.

Neighbors tell us that racoons have taken up residence nearby. Delightful.

My beloved and I took the dogs for a long walk at Ayala Park, a very large park and sports center in Chino. Afterwards we decided to scout a restaurant opening in La Verne; Nancy's Pizza is opening up there. No announcements of the expected date were on the windows, but there were people in the shop, so forestcats entered, while I stayed in the car with the pups. Turns out that they are training their new staff, and they intend to open in about two weeks. We are now pondering the possibility of including a stuffed pizza into the Thanksgiving Feast. We shall see.

And the beat goes on...

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