Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

This and that this weekend.

Friday night was supposed to be services at the home of some new members of the Havurah. They have a beautiful home, and we had a lovely time, but we didn't have enough people there to actually have services. Nice conversation, nice food, nice folks. I look forward to the next opportunity to hang there.

Saturday we did some shopping and then spent the afternoon doing a variety of yardwork. It included the firey demise of various weeds.

This morning, Cliff joined us from Las Vegas, and we all went to Off Kilter Kilts. Cliff marched with them in his kilt while forestcats and I took spots on the sidewalk and watched the parade. Lots of fun! Later, on the local CBS news, we caught a glimpse of ourselves, and they included the kilted marchers as well.

The work week beckons.

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