Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

On the day after Thanksgiving, I had to work, but only a bit. So I did a few cleanup-related things first thing, and then went to a nursing home just after noon to round. Once home in the afternoon, we got gussied up a bit and went to Whittier to a gorgeous park that I'd never seen when we lived there, where we attended the wedding of Yessie. She looked wonderful (what bride doesn't)! Most folks there were the relatives of the family, but thefreak and kar3ning also showed up, and we chatted with them the rest of the evening. The reception took place in a hall in Uptown Whittier with pretty good food, and all the activities you'd expect for the post-wedding celebration. Very nice; congratulations Yessie and may you and your spouse have many happy years ahead of you!

Later on once we got home, I did a bit of Netflix streaming...something had popped up that I'd heard about this year, called Chaos on the Bridge which William Shatner did as a documentary about the goings on at Paramount as they made ST:TNG the first few years. Moderately interesting. Thanks to sekl who brought it up in conversation with my wife.
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