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November 28th, 2015

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07:49 pm
Attention hendel:

It's been a while since I posted comic completions, and I was asked about what I've been reading by a friend, so here we go again:

First is Trees #12: A Warren Ellis series, and there'll be a lot more to come. These comics deal with a sudden infestation of alien creatures that appear to be massive trees, and the way that humanity deals with it is the core of the stories. I like it.

Next, Munchkin #8, 9, 10, 11: Honestly, the comic really doesn't do it for me most of the time. It's the cards for the Munchkin game that ring my chimes. If you don't play it, don't bother with these books.

Then, Tales of Honor #2, 3: These continue the stories of Honor Harrington, a good military SF series of books. I've enjoyed them very much.

Next, War Stories: Our Wild Geese Go #3 of 3, then Tokyo Club: #1, 2: The first book is the completion of a tale about Irish soldiers fighting for the British Empire against Germany in WWII; the other two are a series of stories about US bomber pilots attacking Japan in the same war. I keep reading them; they're pretty good.

Then, The Empty #6: Finishes the series, I think. A world poisoned by technology that only cares for a small island.

Next, Providence #4, 5, 6: A writer is stumbling around in the world of Lovecraftian horror. Very good.

Then, Miracleman Book Four #1, 2, 3, 4: Neil Gaiman is writing this; I'm coming in in the middle of things. I'm confused. I'm hoping it's all going to come together. I'm not convinced that it's going to, but I trust Gaiman. It seems to be superhero stuff, but I'm not entirely sure.

Next, Letter 44 #20, 21: This President started a world war when he found out about a alien artifact under construction in our solar system. A team is sent to intercept it. In general I really like this series of comic books, though I'm afraid that they might have lost their way. I'm still following.

Then, Injection #5: Another Warren Ellis book dealing with mystical issues. I'm waiting patiently for the next book in the series.

Next, We Stand On Guard #2, 3, 4, 5: The US has invaded Canada for their water. Canada is trying to fight back.

Then, Invisible Republic #6, 7: A colony world breaks away. Many years later a journalist finds records that gives details of the early days of the revolt. Nice work.

Next, Mythic #4, 5: A group of specially-powered people work to keep the beings of myth and legend under control.

Then, The Spire #3, 4: A city built up as a spire in the midst of poisoned lands with many races of creatures. Human variants? I don't know...

Next, Wild's End: The Enemy Within #1, 2, 3 of 6: Animal drawings instead of humans; it seems to be something of a retelling of Wells' War of the Worlds.

Then, The Sandman Overture #6: Finishes Gaiman's tale of The Sandman. Beautiful artwork. Interesting tale.

Next, From Under Mountains #1, 2: A fantasy series building to a quest.

Then, Copperhead #10: A sheriff in an SF town. Hints of High Noon, Outlander, Firefly, Traveller and lots of other tropes. I enjoy this one very much.

Next, Karnak #1: A new Warren Ellis series. A vicious superhero who hits the bitter truth.

Then, James Bond 007 #1: Another new Warren Ellis series. I like what he's doing with this.

Next, Johnny Red #1: An American pilot flying for the Soviet military in WWII. Nice start.

Then, Telikos Protocol #1, 2, 3: The world's environment is in horrible condition and humanity live underground. An alien spacecraft crashes into a city. Muddy artwork.

Next, Saga #31: Great series. A tech race fights a galactic war with a magic race. The books deal with a child born of both sides. Recommended.

Then, Blackcross #6: Another Warren Ellis line. Not one that I've liked all that much, really. I think it's the end of the series, but I'm not sure. Superpowered individuals in one dimension break through into the bodies of the people they are in this dimension. I guess.

And that's that for another few months.

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