Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Such a busy weekend.

Friday night we had services with our Havurah for Hanukkah. Very nice time of it, too.

We also had a guest in for the weekend, mr_curmudgeon, though he spent most of his time going to a variety of plays. We couldn't join him because our own weekend was so busy.

Saturday I worked in the morning, and then my beloved and I drove down to Seal Beach for a family Hanukkah party at my aunt & uncle's place. We had a spot of fun there, too.

Sunday we put together a meal for the cast & crew of Dungeonmaster, followed by watching the show and then take-down. Folks seemed to enjoy it. mr_curmudgeon was one of the audience members onstage, and he was very good, as he typically is.

This morning our friend had to leave for the airport before we awoke.

So, on to the work week...

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