Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

As our office closed at the half day point for our staff to deal with their religious duties, I was able to finish my work reasonably early and I was able to get home before dark (just before, to be honest), so we could deal with Yogi, the horse's hoof issues while it was still light out. Into the evening, we watched a Netflix disc of Max, a pretty standard boy meets dog and girl and grows up story. We also ran through the Netflix streaming of Top Gear which I think runs up until Jeremy Clarkson wrecked it for himself by punching out a producer. Yob. Anyway, the last few weren't all that special. Pity.

I'm on duty today, so I'll be off to the hospital in a bit, after the horse gets his hoof dealt with for the morning constitutional.

To my co-religionists, happy Chinese food day. To the majority religion of the region, enjoy the holiday!

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