Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Sunday last wasn't a lazy day at all. We didn't go out anywhere unusual, but for the most part stayed home, however there were loads of little jobs that needed doing that got done.

For one, I pulled out the desktop computer that had essentially failed a year or so ago, and set it with a number of other electronic items that we'll have to take to the proper recycling. Along with that went a nearly non-functional keyboard, several small electronic items, and a failed uninteruptable power source. Also, a burnt out fan.

I replaced a failed string of lights that resided in one specific room. I pulled out and trashed a bunch of useless papers.

I also did some work on spec for future episodes of Dungeonmaster. We'll see how it's received.

My beloved made duck stock from the bones of Friday's dinner; she got some sewing done on a major project.

We reconnected with several people by phone over the last several days which was very pleasant.

We also cleared out some of the material that had stacked up on the DVR. In addition, we're on the verge of figuring out how to connect one of our laptop computers to the plasma TV so that we can show Amazon Prime shows on it. For HDMI cable would help...

A half-full trash can outside is proof enough to me that a lot got done. I feel rather accomplished.

But for now, the work week...
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