Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Once again, there were things that needed doing around the house, so yesterday we did them.

In specific, the mailbox.

See, it appears that someone (kids?) has been raiding mailboxes in the area, stealing credit cards, Netflix mailers, and other things. Half our block has replaced their standard mailboxes with locking ones in response. A few weeks back I noticed that when I'd left some mail in our box for the mailman to pick up, it had been stolen by the time I was leaving for work in the morning. Unacceptable. So we now drop all outgoing mail at the post office, and we're protecting our incoming mail with a locking mailbox.

What about the old one? We pulled it up, and reset it in the backyard so that my wife can store her gardening tools in the midst of her tomato fields. We're not letting it go to waste.

Pity it was necessary...

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