Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

#3, 4

Is this a slow start to the year's reading?

In the last twenty-four hours I finished reading these books:

First was Grunt Life by Weston Ochse. It's the first of an SF series of novels set in the present, more or less, in which a soldier severely affected by PTSD is caught attempting suicide by a company that's recruiting to staff a unit tasked with protecting the Earth from alien invasion, which happens to take place not long after his recruitment. With casualties in the hundreds of millions, can the aliens be stopped? I found the book to be a good, solid read, and there's a sequel that I have to pick up.

Next was this year's first of this series of books, this one being Osprey Campaign #37: Boston 1775: The Shot Heard Around the World which deals with the American Revolution in that small area of Boston. Maps and plates clarify the text. Not bad.

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