Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

#14, 15

Earlier this week, while my computer was updating (for more than a DAY!!!!), I finished reading two books.

First was Medusa's Web by Tim Powers. Powers' books are often rather eerie and well-written, and this one is no exception. The setting is an old mansion in the Hollywood Hills, very near the venue where we put on Dungeonmaster for a number of years, so I have no problem visualizing the landmarks he mentions in the text. Much of the action takes place now, but in a strange vision/time travel/multi-dimension way, some of the action pops back to the 1920s, give or take, and involves silent screen movie actors. Very cool. I liked this one very much.

Next was Osprey Elite #5: Soviet Bloc Elite Forces, a book which is clearly somewhat out-of-date. Historicity-speaking, not bad. Some photos, some plates, some text. A fair read.
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