Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

And then there was the weekend.

I took Friday off. There were special reasons. You see, last summer forestcats and I were asked by axelicious and Vanessa to officiate at their impending wedding. I was taken aback. I mean, I knew that there were folks out there who had received licenses to do this sort of thing without the years of study to become clergy, but I never thought that I'd be looking into it. The couple were persuasive though, and so we agreed to do this.

My wife made sure that I took care of getting the proper licensure, and I spent some time emailing back and forth my speech so that the couple got what they wanted from me. So Friday rolls around, and we check into the hotel where the event is to take place, and we participate in the rehearsal...followed by the rehearsal dinner at Vitello's in Studio City, and then a pre-wedding bash at The Residuals Bar.

Saturday, we slept late...for us. Turns out that I'd been so worried about gathering all the wedding materials that I'd forgotten to pack enough shirts, and so my beloved went shopping for this and that while I chatted with family members of both sides. As the time rolled up we dressed up for the occasion and met at the marshaling station. I walked my beloved to her seat, and then stood up there alone, waiting for the wedding party.

They all marched in looking terrific, and at last the beautiful bride was brought in by her father. So sweet. Standing in front of me, the couple looked expectant, and I started into my speech. Of course, I forgot to turn on the microphone. The bride took charge, had me turn it on, and start over. No wise man argues with a bride. We continued through the first part of my speech, and then forestcats gave her first reading. More speechifying, and then my wife started her second reading, only to have a truck (unseen through the bushes in the secret grove) backing up with the beeping that entails. My beloved was about to crash through the brush to slay the driver when they stopped. On to the vows! I shifted the microphone and tilted it down for Vanessa...and caught it before it slipped out to the ground.

Put it another way. Everything was perfect. People laughed at the right moments. People got teary-eyed. I did my duty to them. My wife and I were delighted to have been able to help them start their life together.

Following the wedding photography, we all joined the celebrants at the reception; food, drink, song, dance. It was wonderful.

And so now we have Mr & Mrs Michael and Vanessa Axelsen among our friends. May they have many years of joy and growth!

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