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May 7th, 2016

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07:59 am
I haven't had the creative energy to post much this week, at least of my own stuff, but things have been happening.

For starters, I finished watching Daredevil season 2 on Netflix streaming. I know nothing about these characters as I rarely read any Marvel superhero comics, so I have no idea how close to the books they are keeping the stories, but they hang together pretty well I think.

The other night we met up with a number of folks at the Maple Block Meat Co. to enjoy barbecue dinner; the brisket was good, but the prime rib was exquisite! Lovely meal!

The cleanup after the Carnivore's Feast is essentially done in the backyard but there's still a thing or two to do inside the house. I'll make a stab at getting some more done in the next two days.

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