Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

It's been that kind of busy week where I had no time to do much of anything online, so I fell a bit behind in posting whatever I might have posted. Anyway...

During the week, we watched a couple of things off Netflix streaming. First was Minions, the animated film dealing with the origins/history of the little yellow helpers from Despicable Me. A fun and funny piece of work. Later in the week we followed that with Make Believe, a documentary that followed a number of teens who were involved in a competition dealing with stage magic. The show was also very good. In addition, we received, and immediately watched, a disc from Netflix, this one being Deadpool. Not being all that interested in reading superhero comics, I'd never been exposed to him before, with the exception of seeing people cosplaying the character, and watching our friends Xander and Bonnie singing about him in one of their parody songs/videos. In any case, we really enjoyed the movie a great deal.

Work had me covering at one of our clinics while its provider was undergoing training in the use of our electronic medical records system, so since this office is quite some distance from our house, I had to be out much earlier daily, leading me to limit my AM Internet access, so non-essential activity was postponed. I've now had experience at all of the clinics that we presently have open, so I feel better about my knowledge of our internal systems. Now to make them better!

Last night we met up with Lisa & Todd for his birthday karaoke outing in Woodland Hills, which was fun. Some of the folks singing sounded professional, but as usual, a number were far from it.

We've a wedding to attend late this afternoon to cap off the week. Bravo!

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