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July 2nd, 2016

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07:43 am
Work gets me out of the house much earlier most days, so having a chance to simply sit and formulate posts is something that I have less time to do. Thus, these weekend catch-up posts...

We've recently rescued a beagle who we've called Sleepy; older dog who ended up pretty sick with pneumonia. She's recovered nicely. She's intended for the Luebke boys up north, unless they don't get on with her, then I guess she stays here. She's got a few more weeks before she will go up their with forestcats to test the household. In the meantime, she's been a source of amusement.

In what might vaguely be called an adventure, after going out for dinner last night, we found ourselves by Ayala Park in Chino, where the mobile Vietnam War Memorial has apparently set up for the Independence Day weekend. We walked along the simulated wall as the sun set. A very touching display. IIRC, Chino does their fireworks tonight at that same park. Fitting.

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