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July 10th, 2016

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08:11 am
It didn't feel like I read a lot this week, and yet here's six more:

First was Preacher: Book Six which completes the graphic novels of this series. Now I have fair warning about a lot of the storylines that the TV series is likely to have.

Second was Osprey New Vanguard #12: BMP Infantry Fighting Vehicle 1967 – 1994 which deals with the technical details of several armored vehicles of a Russian design. I found it mildly interesting.

Then, The Wedding Officiant's Guide: How to Write & Conduct a Perfect Ceremony. Oddly enough, I found this book just a few days after I officiated at a wedding. Why bother reading it after the fact? I wanted to see what I might have done wrong, but I was happy to see that for the most part without any prior training I did manage to do pretty much everything I was supposed to. A relief!

Next was Osprey Campaign #14: Zulu War 1879: Twilight of a Warrior Nation. The Zulus had the war forced on them. Although they had some initial success this book deals with all the things that went awry for them.

Then, The Truth About Cruise Ships: A Cruise Ship Officer Survives the Work, Adventure, Alcohol, and Sex of Ship Life written by an IT officer on Carnival cruise line. Not the best book I've ever read.

Finally there was Osprey Command #2: Erich von Manstein about one of the better surviving generals from the German side of WWII. Moderately interesting.

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It didn't feel like I read a lot this week, and yet here's six more:… - This ain't no party, this ain't no disco... — LiveJournal

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