Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I had Monday off for Independence Day and we spent the afternoon and evening at Casa Thistletop, where we could look out over the entire Inland Empire and watch the fireworks from at least six cities as well as the personal explosions from towns like Chino where they were legal. It was pretty special watching it all. Lovely evening.

Yesterday we went into LA to visit Langer's Deli, a place that we've never visited before, and met up with several folks for an enjoyable meal and conversation. I ordered three things. First was Vanilla Egg Cream to was stunningly delicious and so I had another. Second was a cup of cold borscht. My father's parents used to eat this all the time, but I never would when I was growing up and I decided to give it a try while I still could. I was shocked at how tasty it was! I doubt I'll find much at restaurants in the future, but this might be a dish I should learn to prepare. Finally, I ordered a #19 sandwich, pastrami and swiss with cole slaw and Russian dressing on homemade rye bread. As advertised, this is one of the best pastrami sandwiches you can get anywhere. Wow. I could, but won't unless pressed, go into great detail as to why this is so good, but to keep it simple just trust me.

Last night we returned to Casa Thistletop for Faith's birthday bash. There was plenty of food, and we brought drinks including mead to help with the celebration. hendel heated up the BBQ to grill pizzas (naan as the base with a wide variety of possible toppings and sauces...I had cheese and mushroom and it was very good!). We had a lovely time but had to leave relatively early as my beloved has duties as an officer of one of her quilt clubs today.

All in all, not a bad week.

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