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July 17th, 2016

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08:35 am
This was my birthday week as many of you had noted, and thank you all for the birthday greetings. On the day itself, we went to Owen's Bistro, an excellent local restaurant where we had a delicious meal.

Wednesday night, our friend the_angelus once again DJed karaoke at That 80s Bar in Pomona/Montclair, and so we stopped by for a couple of hours. This time there was possibly triple the number of people who usually hang out there, including other folks celebrating birthdays, and so we all sang Happy Birthday to each other. Fun.

Thursday night I put on the Netflix disc of Zootopia and we found ourselves delighted by the movie. I hope this is a sign of future quality from Disney.

Friday night we drove into the Fairfax district to Little Ethiopia, and met April and Brehon for dinner at Rosalind's. We haven't eaten Ethiopian cuisine in a long time, and April had never previously experienced it, so that was a blast. While we awaited their arrival, because traffic into town wasn't as bad as we'd feared, we took a walk in the neighborhood to give my wife an opportunity to hit up some Pokesites successfully. Me? I'm not playing, but if forestcats wants to, fine. After dinner, we all went to Nobo's party. We didn't cosplay as vampires, but we had somewhat topical black T-shirts, and no one seemed to mind. Nice folks, nice chats, great way to end the week.

Yesterday, we had us an adventure. Apparently there's this quilting event all summer in which participating quilt stores prepare small projects which they then sell, and all these projects can then piece together as quilts. Every store that's part of this worldwide only sells to those who show up at the store until 11/1, at which time they'll sell whatever they have left in their stock by mail. This year the blocks have sparked my wife, and she's arranging trades with folks all over the place. This weekend we drove up to Victorville to hit one such shop, and then drove up what we'd call the back route into Big Bear to hit two stores there. Once that shopping was done, we had a late lunch and strolled around the village there before heading home. Adding to the fun was my wife bagging Pokemon all the way, including at a marker of historical interest in Lucerne Valley. Lots of mountain driving tired me out, and it turns out that the altitude's relative lack of oxygen did slow me down some, so it was nice to get back home.

Today's going to be a projects day; we've got several things to get done.

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This ain't no party, this ain't no disco...

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