Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Most of this week has been spent with my beloved wife out of town. She's visiting a number of our friends up in the central and northern areas of California, but she's back later today. The dogs have been morose without their leader. I miss her, too.

It's given me something of an opportunity to watch a few things on Netflix streaming that I had a hankering for. First thing was a John Travolta film of some years back called Phenomenon which I wasn't aware had Bruce A. Young in it (for those of you not in the know, he was the imaginative fellow who created Dungeonmaster lo these many years ago). Not a bad film. Next was a documentary called Dirty Wars which rails against special ops attacks and drone strikes worldwide. One of the attacks was specifically on an American citizen killed without trial. Mind you, it is a one-sided discussion. It's not the sort of film that you "like". Last night, I watched The Debt which tells a tale of Mossad agents who kidnap a German military doctor who had tortured and killed inmates in a concentration camp. This is only minimally an action film, primarily being a psychodrama. Interesting, but not one that I'm likely to watch again.

I also spent a lot of my time this last week watching the speeches at the Democratic National Convention. After the fright I had listening to what the Republicans had to say the previous week, I found the DNC refreshing. I don't normally comment on politics, but I can't bear the thought of voting for Donald Trump...

And so we march on!
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