Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I forgot something on my last update post, so I guess I'll just take a moment to update again mid-week, while I have a second:

Forgot to mention that I watched Zatoichi. I have posted a bunch of films to the Netflix queue that have dropped off to the Save queue because I guess that Netflix expended the discs, and they aren't going to be replaced. So the other day I got a bit tired of waiting, and took a look at the price to pursue one of them, and found it for a pretty low price. I ordered it (I think it was Amazon, because my experience with such things via Ebay is that the seller generally lies), and while my beloved was out of town, I watched it. Mildly interesting, it reminded me of a Kurosawa film I once saw (Yojimbo, IIRC), though not quite as good.

forestcats got home a day early! One of our neighbors has been growing grapes in his backyard, and a couple of weeks back we ran into him while we walked the dogs and found out that he's been making wine for a while, and is experimenting with new grape varietals at home. He offered to invite us to a tasting at his home, and Saturday was the day. This led to my beloved heading back from up north a little sooner than expected because she, too, wanted to see what his beverages were like. He invited several folks from our street, the local chief of police, other political notables, and a gentleman who is running for mayor. Politics aside, his wines were very good, and it was a quite pleasant time.

Sunday had us running around Orange County; we came home with some exercise equipment. Monday had us getting some help in unloading and positioning the gear for exercise use. We are going to try to get into better shape.

Last night, forestcats got done with her milking much earlier than she has generally, and we were early enough to go to Food Truck Tuesdays at the Montclair Plaza Shopping Center. We dabbled in Colombian street food and cupcakes, but the true winning truck that we tried was Big Wave Grill. I ordered one each of their Yellow Curry Chicken Taco, Mushrooom Taco, Pineapple Ginger Chicken Taco, and Coconut Shrimp Taco, and they were all delicious. If you see this truck coming...follow it!

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