Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Following the mid-week update, we only did a few things; not nearly so busy.

For starters, I'm slowly increasing the distance I pedal on the recumbent stationary bicycle. I've ridden it nearly daily since we positioned it in the living room (missed one day, but used it twice yesterday, so I count that as a wash). My beloved is using the same machine and also the treadmill. She'd planned on listening to our stereo system while she walked, but somehow it had gotten unplugged; during this last week I had to dig around back of the entertainment system to hook it all back up properly. It now works just fine.

Friday night was devoted to the Opening Ceremony of the Rio Olympics. It was strange to see a team fielded by the Olympic Committee of athletes with no nationality, along with a team of refugees. Very odd. It's often a hoot to see the different nations' uniforms as they enter the arena. Personally, I really liked the costumes of Cote d'Ivoire, Kiribati, and Honduras, with a solid honorable mention to Israel, and to the women's gear of India. Some great stuff there. I also loved the kinetic sculpture of the Olympic Cauldron; it was breathtaking. Now I'm glued to the TV to see the events (though in all honesty NBC irritates me as to how few events they actually show...I know that there's Internet live streaming of "minor" events, but when last I had time to watch any of that (during Beijing's Olymics) I found it hard to watch what with no graphics and no commentaries).

Yesterday afternoon we attended Loissa & Edward's wedding. Held in a park in La Habra Heights, it was very pleasant. There was plenty of shade and a nice breeze. Very picturesque. We had some nice chats and were glad to see the young people so happy. Good for you guys!

In totally other news, we are now up to three dogs. A while back my wife initiated a complicated series of moves which had intended to lead to a young man in San Jose ending up with a beagle who we called "Sleepy". The poor pound puppy took very ill just after we took possession from the shelter, and after nursing her back to health, she finally met her intended family last weekend or so. Apparently, for various reasons Sleepy didn't work out in that home, so she came back with forestcats. She's a sweet dog who loves my wife intensely, and so she's a welcome addition to the household. She's not young (evidence suggests that her pelvis and/or hips are having some fairly significant trouble), but she's got a great attitude. brushette is a bit grumpy about it, but we often see the two of them sharing a pillow or other space, so it appears that all is well in the pack.

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