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August 20th, 2016

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09:50 am
It was a much busier week that just passed, so fewer books done.

First was The Peacock's Cry, not so much a book as a short re-introduction into one of Paul Doherty's series, this one being set in England after the death of King Edward I. Murder mystery, short and sweet. Apparently, Doherty is going back to this series after previously retiring the character, and this was a chance for him to stretch his writing muscles. Pretty good read.

Next, Osprey Men-At-Arms #18: George Washington's Army. As I've said before in reading some of these early Osprey books, the plates aren't much. However, the text is pretty good, discussing the trials of the American side in building their revolutionary army.

Finally, there's Osprey New Vanguard #17: KV – 1 & 2: Heavy Tanks 1939 – 1945. You see, when the Germans invaded Russia in 1941, they unexpectedly ran into much better tanks than they'd bargained for. The KV-1 tank was better protected and withstood the firepower of many tanks the Wehrmacht had in inventory. Better tactics prevailed, but this was a sign of how things weren't going to be a pushover for them. This book details all aspects of this particular tank type throughout the Second World War.

And that's it for right now...

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