Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Such the week.

Being off, after finishing my time at the educational convention my wife and I returned home to an adoring crowd of pets who were clearly happy to see us.

Wednesday night we were invited to meet up with J. T. and Beth Ann and a friend of theirs at a new place that showcased ciders and meads. It's called The Great Society, somewhere in Long Beach. I had some terrific ciders there, and there was some sharing going on so that we all had a chance at a lot of flavors. I wish I could recall the name of one cider that had been aged in whisky barrels (but I can't) and there was another that was aged in rum barrels that had sold out that I also wanted to try, but you can't win them all. Really good place worth seeking out!

Thursday day we went out to Victoria Gardens (an outdoor shopping district in Rancho Cucamonga) and purchased iPads, a new bit of technology for ourselves. Then that night we went into Hollywood to meet several members of the Dungeonmaster cast for Jonathan's birthday; a pleasant time was had.

Friday night was Noodle's birthday get together at a bar in Studio City. Nice to hang and chat with folks, and then I got corralled into throwing a few darts, and shocked myself and the other players by how many triples I hit in the first several throws. I was stunned. I'm not known for particular accuracy, but this was quite the night for it. Fun!

Saturday morning we went to my mother's house for brunch because cousins from Chicago were in town for a wedding and wanted to meet up with us all. It was a pretty nice time, though none of my sister's kids were there.

Today? I think it's going to be a day of routine maintenance, which is fine. Enough fun already. On into the week!
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