Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

My week's doings included clearing our stack of Netflix discs; one has been sitting here unwatched since February and I confirmed with my spouse that she wasn't interested, so off it goes. Another is from a TV series, so we'll worry about that later. Finally, the last was Captain America: Civil War. I get the conflict, but why should they destroy Leipzig Airport in working out their differences? Hmm? There were some pretty funny lines in it, so, good. Now I've seen it. Don't need to see it again.

Earlier in the week, we went to a food truck thing; it turns out that any given site in San Bernardino County can only host a limited number of food truck events each year, so the Montclair Plaza thing moved over a few blocks to Boomers, a kids playground-y sort of place. I'm not sure what-all they have there, but each Tuesday until they burn through their allotment of days a handful of food trucks show up. I think the best one of these events that I'm presently aware of would be the one in Fullerton on Friday night in the Best Buy parking lot. They get more trucks with better food. But it is much farther away.

During the week last week I had a new patient who's a transplanted Chicagoan and in discussing backgrounds I found out that the whole family misses Chicago Italian Beef Sandwiches as well as Stuffed Pizza. I had the joy in educating them about Portillo's in Buena Park as well as Nancy's Pizza in La Verne. Telling the tale to my spouse had us realize that it's been several months since we last stopped over at Nancy's so that turned into lunch yesterday...YUM! But that'll do for a good while.

Last night we partied with the Archers at Kathy's 50th birthday bash. Good food, good company, good DJ...she arranged for a photo booth and since there was a wedding reception next door, apparently she ran into the bride and her bridesmaids in the ladies room and brought them over to use it! Everybody cheered the bride coming and going and they seemed overjoyed to get some funny photos to show off at their own party. Pretty cool. The party was at a local hotel, so we Ubered over instead of driving, and it was a good call because parking was disastrous. Very nice time. I can't wait for the 100th birthday party...
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