Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

The week is colored by several long dog walks that our beasties are rather pleased about, a couple of dinners out including last night at a pizzeria that brags about being Mediterranean (doesn't Italy stick out into the Mediterranean?), but then offers a Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza which turned out to be very good!

It was an odd week in one sense. Strolling through an outdoor shopping district in Chino Hills, we came upon a pub-style eatery that we've tried before (and found wanting) and the place had been shut down by the building inspector. It appears that the front facade is falling off! Then, similarly last night we went to Pieology because my beloved wanted to build her own and when we arrived all the eateries on that side of the building were shut down on a Saturday night because of some plumbing issues. Yikes! That led to us going instead to Pizzita Circle (sp?) which we'd never before tried, and as I said, it was good.

We've been beating the house into shape. Soon we're having four of the five remaining trees in the frontyard removed; they are nearing the end of their lifecycles, and are heavily attacked by borer beetles. I loved the shade they gave us, especially on really hot days, but their removal allows us to consider putting solar power panels on the roof, so there's good and bad. We need to get several things done around the house for which I haven't the skills, so it's time for a handyman. I think we have one in mind, maybe in the next two weeks.

Work is busier. I'm still pretty damn happy with my changed circumstance. One patient asked me if I've been losing weight. Have I? I don't know. But I might be with the increased exercise.

Tonight is our Halloween Dungeonmaster show! Be there!

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