Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Sunday was rain, cooking dinner for the Dungeonmaster crew, to the show itself, which turned into a real joy for those who came out. At one point near the beginning, the cast threw a spell and the effects crew did some light flickering and thunder sounds, and once that stopped the heavens opened up and we could hear the rain dumping onto the roof of the theater. Great timing!

Again through the week we take the three dogs out for walks at least four times. Good exercise for both species.

At one point this week, my wife made a costume for our friend Kira with her help; she's going to be a character from the original Ghostbusters, and looks great in it. We followed that by going out for sushi at a place that my wife and I had never visited before, and then ice cream. Nice evening.

Last night we watched a movie via Netflix disc called Grandma with Lily Tomlin. I saw it as a pretty solid character-driven piece of work and both of us liked it very much.

One of our beagles, brushette, has been having nasal issues for some time. She was supposed to have gotten a rhinoscopy yesterday, but the veterinarian that we had been referred to essentially refused, referring us to a cardiologist first. We're ticked off at his cavalier handling, but we'll go. Just not to the ones that he'd suggested. And so it goes.

Clean-up continues in our house in preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday along with other visits. It should be a fun month.

At work, many of our executives have moved into the building behind ours as it's being renovated and improved. I've been shifted next door to my previous office, in a larger space, and the process has begun to hang all the various items that have been down for the last ten years or more. This includes artwork from my sister and some of my patients, photos, and of course all my sheepskins. It looks like everything is likely to be up by the middle of next week. Maybe.

There's going to be a Dungeonmaster convention show tomorrow at 1315 hours at the LA Convention Center Hall E, at the Los Angeles Comic Convention (is that the right name?). It should be exciting!

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