Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Another week, another few books.

First one that I finished reading for the week was Osprey Campaign #23: Khartoum 1885: General Gordon's Last Stand, and my feeling after reading it was "He had it coming". Perhaps unfair of me.

Next, I read Mushroom: A Global History. The author divides the world into lovers and haters of this fungal food and it goes from there. Moderately good read if you have interest in the subject.

Then it was The Dungeoneers by Jeffery Russell (I have another book with the same name by a different author; that's a fair detail...); it sets up what seems like it was a Dungeons & Dragons adventure but writes it up in a really interesting way which reads well. The author has another book set in the same milieu out now, so I have to stalk that book.

Next book I gobbled up was Osprey Elite #37: Panama 1989 – 90. I remember that time pretty well; the Panamanian government announced that there was a state of war between our two countries and pretty much right away we invaded and that was that. This book sets up why it happened and what forces were deployed on both sides. Interesting.

Last book for the week was Osprey Fortress #38: American Cival War Fortifications (2): Land and Field Fortifications. As I've mentioned before occasionally, I have some trouble studying the US Civil War because it's hard for me to imagine such in-fighting in my country...until I look at our present political situation and realize that the slavery issue did similar, though worse, things to our political discourse...
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