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November 19th, 2016

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09:20 am
Another week passes. Things were actually pretty busy overall at work, so my week passed swiftly.

The prep work begins for Thanksgiving. I need to go grocery shopping this weekend for another dish I plan to make, but the nuts are done and sealed up for the reveal on Thanksgiving Day. I suspect that my beloved will also need a few items too, so we'll probably go together later today.

Earlier this week, we finally watched X-men: Apocalypse via Netflix disc. A spectacle, but I found it mostly didn't engage me. I found it difficult to care about the characters. Too bad. OTOH, last night we went out to the movies and saw Arrival. This one I thought was a well-presented SF piece about First Contact and the effects of language on thought. I really enjoyed it, though I think my wife mostly put up with it. It's likely that at some point this week we'll probably go see the Rowling-inspired film as well, but that will depend on how things go making ready our home for Thursday.

I will be working next Friday, but at some point maybe we'll actually go to LosCon for a change. It's been years since we actually attended the convention, though we'd occasionally visit to go to a party hosted by friends at the con. I think it will depend on how much energy we have left after the holiday event.

A couple of nights this week we stepped out for meals. First place was Mix Bowl, a Thai place nearby that used to be a solid place, but uncomfortable and crowded. This week when we went for the first time in months, it turns out that they've done a bit of a remodel; it looks fresher, there's more room, and to top it off, they seem to have modified their dishes a bit so that they tasted better than previously, and back then they were good to begin with. That was a delightful surprise! Another place that we visited last night was Swad of India over in Ontario. forestcats has apparently gone there with friends a few times for lunch and liked it; we went for dinner and the food was very good. I can only hope that these really good places can keep going. We'll try to support them!

A happy and delicious holiday to all in the upcoming week!

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Another week passes. Things were actually pretty busy overall at… - This ain't no party, this ain't no disco...

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