Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Even though this was a busy week due to the holiday, I still got a fair amount of reading done.

Firstly, I finished reading Osprey Weapon #8: The AK-47: Kalashnikov-series Assault Rifles. This particular weapon has outstripped any similar gun produced by the US and in terms of its use, it's made a difference in many wars. Although the book is fairly technical, there was a certain amount of discussion of the weapon's geopolitical importance. Thus, a pretty good read.

Next I read Osprey Elite #38: The NVA and Viet Cong, speaking of geopolitical effect... Not bad.

Then, Wine: A Global History; wine is a topic that doesn't take well in a short discussion. There's so much to the history and present situation of wine on the world's stage that this book had to ignore for space's sake. Not horrible, not great, therefore.

Next, Osprey Men-At-Arms #32: United States Marine Corps; this book is so old, the US was still fighting the Vietnam War, and the author admitted that the Corps had much to do yet there. As with many older Osprey books, the plates aren't nearly as good as they will become later.

Then I finished Osprey New Vanguard #22: Panther Variants 1942 – 1945, in which they discuss all the optional setups that the Panther tank chassis was used. Mildly interesting.

Next it was Osprey Vanguard #24: Soviet Heavy Tanks. Going back and forth between the Vanguard and New Vanguard series leads to this. This book is similar to others that I've read recently, though to be honest it does have some photos that I hadn't seen before. Not bad.

Up next was Groucho Marx, Master Detective: A Mystery, the first book of a series of novels by Ron Goulart, who I first encountered as an SF writer of short stories in that genre. A young woman dies as a supposed suicide, Groucho doesn't believe that and he enlists the help of a radio scriptwriter in trying to untangle the knots of the mystery. Pretty solid read and I will be continuing to read the series.

Then, Don't Stop Me Now by Jeremy Clarkson, the fellow who used to be associated with the BBC TV show, Top Gear. This is a series of older essays of automotive interest, but he's got quite a turn of phrase, so I enjoyed reading these. He's got others, and one of them is now added to my to-be-read pile.

Following that it was Osprey Warrior #57: French Napoleonic Infantryman 1803 - 15, about the troops who nearly conquered Europe, not to mention Egypt (although wasn't that earlier than 1803?). Anyway, not a bad read.

Then, Osprey Weapon #19: The Webley Service Revolver. If you've ever seen photos of British officers leading their men into combat in WWI, or maybe if you've seen the movie Zulu, you'll have seen them wielding this weapon. Excellent stopping power.

And that's that for this week.

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